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GHZ02 Lacquer Curing Oven(Gas)
  • GHZ02 Lacquer Curing Oven(Gas)
  • GHZ02 Lacquer Curing Oven(Gas)
GHZ02 Lacquer Curing Oven(Gas) GHZ02 Lacquer Curing Oven(Gas)

GHZ02 Lacquer Curing Oven(Gas)

    GHZ02 lacquer curing oven which is used to polymerize tubes after internal lacquering. The machine is equipped with a single driving motor. It can operate synchronously with the equipment in front and behind or operate independently.

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    GHZ02 lacquer curing oven adopts gas to provide clean and energy- efficient heating power. Sprayed tubes are sent to the stainless steel "C" basket of the oven respectively. Conveying basket chain leads germ tubes to the exit of materials. Heated tubes follow"C" basket and reach the oven where after heating, the spraying fluid is cured and firmly attached to the body of tubes.

    A. Tube range: φ16-φ25mm or φ25-φ35mm

    B. Tube length: ≤200mm

    C. Production speed: 120 tubes/min

    D. Motor power: 3KW

    E. Working temperature: 200℃~350℃

    F. Dimensions: 5785*1400*2550mm

    G. Weight: about 6000KG

    A. SIEMENS PLC controls the temperature automatically. SICO burn-up device can regulate the fire according to the internal temperature of the oven. FUJI temperature controller ensures the temperature within plus or minus 2 ℃ of setting temperature.

    B. The machine adopts hot air circle system (heating box, fan and air channel). The box employs convective mixing technology which can ensure uniform heating. The internal temperature of oven is uniform due to the circle of the hot air. Thus the effect of annealing is excellent and the products are of high quality.

    C. The machine is safe, convenient and energy-efficient. It can not only use natural gas, but also liquefied petroleum gas. Using gas for heating is both effective and economical.

    D. The tube conveying chain adopts continuous viable, which can make the equipment and the last device have the same production speed. The sprayer machine provides main driving force for the chain.

    E. The oven chamber adopts suspended structure which is convenient for maintenance and makes the conveying basket more stable during the operation of the furnace cavity, reducing the incidents of dropping and crushing tubes, so as to improve the qualified rate of products.


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