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Capping Machine Is Capable of Several Tasks

Jul, 07 2017

The capping machine is mainly used for the automatic upper cover and the cleaning head of the aluminum tube, and the utility model has wide application range and can be used for the plastic cover which belongs to several different types.

The printed aluminum tube is dried by Drying Oven and then enters the capping machine, and the cap is screwed to the pipe mouth through the rotation of the upper cover manipulator. The equipment can automatically insert the aluminum tube from the delivery ship to the screw cap or the upper cleaning head. The cylinder is cleaned by frequency and the cylinder is driven by a clamping cap to clamp the cap, and the aluminum tube on the rotating mandrel is screwed. Double screw cap, cap nut, pipe unloading work at once. An upper cleaning head or an upper cover is arranged on the mandrel of the aluminum tube sleeve, and the scraper is used for scraping the aluminum tube with the tight cap from the core shaft, and it is conveyed to the next process through the tube part.

The Capping Machine can be used alone, and can also be made to process other aluminum tube.

Capping Machine

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