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Why Do We Use MIC Filling Sealing Machine?

Aug, 08 2017

MIC Filling Sealing Machine is suitable for hospital preparation room, pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine factory, beverage factory, chemical factory, laboratory and other small enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises and small batch production. It can be used in filling eye drops, ampoule ampoule, vial injection, oral liquid, reagent, beverages, edible oil, honey, shampoo, chemical products, veterinary drugs pesticide, and other filler.

MIC filling sealing machine features:

1. The structure is simple, reliable with less trouble.

2. The use of cone piston has good sealing performance, liquid injection volume accurate. It is easy to adjust the volume.

3. Touching liquid parts are made of stainless steel, which is easy to loading and unloading, they can be divided into sterile injection.

4. Cylinder, push rod, piston use stainless steel materials, and they have good corrosion resistance, wear resistance.

5. Its speed is continuously adjustable, easy to operate.

MIC Filling Sealing Machine

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