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Lacquer Curing Oven Is Indispensable

Jun, 20 2017

Lacquer Curing Oven is the necessary equipment for the production line of all the inner wall spraying equipment in the tube production line, which is the supporting equipment of the tube production line. The machine is equipped with a separate drive motor, both with the front and rear equipment to keep running, they can also run alone.

Lacquer curing oven heats tube with electric or gas. After sprayed, the embryo tube was transported by the ship chain, into the curing furnace stainless steel ‘C’ type basket. Driven by the ship chain, the tube will be driven to the discharge port. "C" type of boat will be baked after high temperature baked out of the tube, falling into the pipe conveyor chain, embryo tube in the curing furnace. After a certain period of high temperature baking, the spray liquid will attach the wall and dried, firmly stick to the wall of the tube, then the entire curing process completed.

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