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What You Should Know about Base-coating Machine

Jun, 27 2017

Base-coating Machine is developed for color printing in roll coating of aluminum, tin and other metal pipe circumferential surface.

In order to make the aluminum tube surface print better, and increase the aesthetic impression of printing, it is necessary to apply a layer of base ink on the outer surface of the aluminum tube, which is usually white.

Only when the background is white, the ink can be colored correctly. White primer is a common bottoming process for hose manufacture.

The embryo tube is dropped into the tube ‘V’ trough through the delivery vessel, and the embryo tube is inserted into the printing mandrel in the reciprocating movement of the push rod. The core shafts with aluminum tube to the coating position when the tube is stuck with coating rollers contact with aluminum rollers doing the opposite direction of rotation, the coating the glue stick is evenly coated on the pipe body, completes color printing, and then sent the embryo tube to the next process in High Speed Tubes Line.

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