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How to Use 8-color Printing Machine to Print Surface of Tube

Jun, 29 2017

8-color Printing Machine is suitable for printing pictures on the surface of aluminium tubes and aluminium cans. There are at most eight different colors can be printed on products.

The billet tube from the Base-coating Machine is transmitted to the upper pipe of the printing press by the conveying chain, then it enters the falling pipe groove, and the blank pipe is inserted into the printing mandrel by a push rod. Through the ink tank, ink roller, middle roller, rubber roller, ink goes to print text transmitted from the printed version will be printed to the blanket cylinder with appropriate pressure, will print to the aluminum tubes. The printed tube is removed from the mandrel by a manipulator and inserted into the oven chain bar. It is dried in the oven with the oven chain. Aluminum tube printing adopts ‘round press round’ mode to process printing.

8-color Printing Machine

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