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High Quality Aluminum Collapsible Tube Has Wide Application in Our Life

Sep, 28 2017

High quality aluminum collapsible tube is widely used in our life:

1.Aluminum collapsible tube is suitable for all kinds of filling applications, like food oil, ointment, gel, lotion and so on. 

2.For pharmaceutical products, like creams, gels for skin or eyes. 

3.Rubber solution and adhesive formed to lubricants or glue.

4.For toiletries, like toothpaste, shampoos, herbal cosmetics, shaving cream and so on. 

Skilled professionals use advanced technology and improved high quality raw materials to prepare different specifications with refined properties, that is tamper proof, light weight, hygienic, appealing, complete collapsible, resistance to suck back, economical, etc, the most important is it is easy to dispense. Before the aluminum tube is released from the pure aluminum slug, which is vibrated with zinc separate. Then extruded it to required length, threaded and annealed at 410°C, this is benefit to soften the aluminum collapsible tube.

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Aluminum Collapsible Tubes

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