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How to Choose a Capping Machine?

Oct, 10 2017

Specifying a Capping Machine is more complicated than a filling machine. Like a filling machine, there are several methods to solve the same packaging problems, which depending on cap sizes, closure design, production speed, factory environment, geometries and so on. Then how to choose a capping machine?

1.What Is the specification range of the cap? A capping machine for big caps may need a vertical placing device, then only a cap tightener to finish the process. These closures diameter size will determine what kind of sorting device will be suitable. Small caps may need small vibratory sorting system.

2.What are the factory environment and operation notice? Automatic capping machine must be built in factory that can meet requirements. A frame style or electrical control system may be insufficient. The capping machine installed in a cleaning chemical plant, or installed in a FDA regulated environment, the cost difference is big. Yingrun Company is the China leading Capping Machine Manufacturer and supplier.

3.Checking what are the geometries of the caps?

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