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The Printing Characteristics of Aluminum Tube

Sep, 14 2017

Aluminum Tube and plastic tube are all suitable for manufacturing tube first, then printing. For the molded plastic or aluminum tube, you can use letterpress printing or screen printing method. Screen printing ink layer has strong covering power, but the details of the performance is poor. Letterpress printing ink layer in thinner, but the printing precision is high and printing speed is fast. As a result, the printing of the molded tube is mostly letterpress printing. No matter which kind of tube, the Color Printing Machine has the same characteristics:

1. Use photosensitive resin relief plate and print as negative film.

2. When printing, use supporting tube core counter tube diameter as the bearing pressure roller.

3. Indirect printing method, that is the printing plate is not contact the tube directly. Through the transfer cylinder on the blanket, you get printing ink from the printing plate respectively, then transfer to the tube at one time. 

4. Appoint with four or six color printing sets.

5. Mainly in color based field in printing, try to avoid color overlap and ink mixed.

6. It need to be painted after printing to enhance the protection of the ink layer.

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