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More Information about Extrusion Press Machine

Sep, 19 2017

Extrusion Press Machine is the most important equipment for metal extrusion processing. Metal extrusion is an important method of metal plastic forming. Its main characteristic is process metal ingot into tubes in a wink. The backbone materials used in railway, light rail, ship are almost closely related to extrusion processing. The machine features are as follows:

1. It has new structure, neat arrangement, convenient maintenance and so on. 

2. The movable beam adopts four points positioning, center adjustable, reasonable tooling design, this can reduce production costs greatly.

3. It can set different extrusion processes. The aluminum tube with different apertures can be squeezed by following and fixing pins.

4. Hydraulic parts with large flow cartridge valve system, which has good sealing performance and low temperature rise.

5. Electric parts adopt PLC products, which is reliable and sensitive.

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