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Rubber Blanket

Rubber blanket is the covering parts of transfer printing roller on the offset machine- the component of cylinder packing. The blanket is composite product made up of rubber coating and basic material (like cloth). In indirect printing, it can transfer printing ink from printing plate to printing stock. When comes to aluminum tubes or cans printing, the printing ink is transferred to the surface of tubes or cans.

Printing rubber blanket is used for transferring ink. The blanket has good compression resistance, viscosity and fast restoring force. It does not leave any paste items. Its smooth surface makes it stable to print. Without rubber blanket, printing is impossible. Printing rubber blanket is made from multilayer texture and synthetic rubber compound. When producing it, the thermal energy and chemical power should be combined under the precise control. Except for that, different compound and structure give rubber blanket different functions in the printing machine.

Raw Materials
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