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CCC02 Accumulator
  • CCC02 Accumulator
  • CCC02 Accumulator
  • CCC02 Accumulator
  • CCC02 Accumulator
CCC02 Accumulator CCC02 Accumulator CCC02 Accumulator CCC02 Accumulator

CCC02 Accumulator

    CCC02 accumulator is the necessary part for the automatic aluminum can production line.

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    High speed aluminum can production line is a set of advanced automatic production line. In order to maximize efficiency of equipment, 3 sets of accumulators are particularly used during the production process. The chain gear moves upward sequentially and drives the chain, so as to constantly put cans on shelves of accumulators. At the same time, the chain gear can move downward sequentially and drive the chain to decrease the bottom cycle chain. Thus, the tubes can be unloaded from accumulators and passed to the next procedure. When the machine is in operation, the proximity switch detects whether cans are on the accumulators. If there are no cans on the machine, the next procedure would not be operated.

    Accumulator can act as a temporary storage device and compensate for the differences of running speed of equipment, which is beneficial for the production line to run steadily and effectively. For example, if the equipment before accumulators stops working temporarily, one can provide the latter equipment with germ cans on the accumulators to ensure the continuity of operation. On the contrary, if the equipment behind accumulators stops working, the previously produced tubes can be temporarily stored on the chains of accumulators.

    A. Storage quantity: 1800 pieces or according to client’s needs

    B. Can length: φ35mm-φ53mm

    C. Production speed: ≤120 cans/min

    D. Power: 1.1KW or 2.2KW

    E. Dimensions: 6285 (5555) (5505)*1810*4270mm

    F. Weight: about 2500KG

    G. Intake pressure: 0.6MPa

    A. SIEMENS PLC can be operated under various working programs to improve the total efficiency of the production line.


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