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THD01 Annealing Oven
  • THD01 Annealing Oven
  • THD01 Annealing Oven
  • THD01 Annealing Oven
THD01 Annealing Oven THD01 Annealing Oven THD01 Annealing Oven

THD01 Annealing Oven

    THD01 aluminum collapsible tube annealing oven is the supporting equipment for aluminum collapsible tube production line.

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  • Application and operating principle
  • Main technical parameters
  • Main features

    The molecular structure of the extruded aluminum tubes generates stress and the tube loses flexibility. To eliminate the stress, the tube should be annealed at a certain temperature, which makes it soft, burns off the dirt and lubricants from the tube to prepare dirt free surface to receive prints.

    The annealing oven adopts the form of electric heating, which is safe and clean. Conveying basket chain puts germ tubes into the "C" basket one by one. The tubes are then driven to the oven where they are heated for 3-5minutes. After that, the tubes are sent to the cooling section and then to the next procedure.

    A. Tube range: φ11-φ25mm or φ25-φ38mm

    B. Production speed: 60tubes/min

    C. Motor power: 0.75KW

    D. Dimensions (including conveyer chain): 4832*1300*3040mm

    E. Weight:1800KG

    F. Working temperature: 200-500℃

    G. Annealing time: 150s

    H. Conveyer hopper:“C”basket

    I. Electric heating power: 4KW*8

    A. The electric heating components adopt stainless steel thermal resistance and have features of uniform heating and easy operation. Heating components are easy to detach and replace.

    B. FUJI temperature controller ensures the temperature within plus or minus 2 ℃ of setting temperature.

    C. The tube conveying chain adopts continuously variable, which can make the equipment and the last device have the same production speed.

    D. The oven chamber adopts suspended structure which is convenient for maintenance and makes the conveying basket more stable during the operation of the furnace cavity, reducing the incidents of dropping and crushing tubes, so as to improve the qualified rate of products.

    E. The machine is equipped with a single driving motor. It can operate synchronously with the equipment before and after, or operate separately.


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