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Air Cooled Chiller
  • Air Cooled Chiller
  • Air Cooled Chiller
Air Cooled Chiller Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller


    Perfect for applications in industries such as plastic injection molding, extrusion, film laminating, cast film, electroplating, ultrasonic cooling, pharmacy, chemical engineering, nonwoven equipment, printing and PU shoe-making etc. They can precisely control temperature in any process requiring water cooling, and greatly improve the efficiency and quality of production. Industrial air cooled water chiller with simple installation and operation, reasonable design, high quality, which no need cooling tower.

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  • Features & Parameters

    1)Temperature range 5~35℃.

    2) All adopt imported compressor: piston & scroll type are optional.

    3) Fin & V shape design air cooled condenser with excellent heat transfer and rapid cooling.

    4) Adopts SUS made insulated water tank.

    5) R22 refrigerant is used as standard & optional R407 for efficient cooling.


Jun 05, 2019

May 16, 2019

May 09, 2019
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