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Filling Machine
  • Filling Machine
Filling Machine

Filling Machine


    The semi-automatic piston filling machine is newly designed on the basic of foreign similar product. It has some additional functions. It is easy and convenient in operation, accuracy error, adjustment, cleaning and maintenance.

    On this basis, the fully-pneumatic filling machine adopts pneumatic component instead of electric to control circuit. Thus, it is suitable to use the machine in the environment which requires anti-explosion.

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  • Features & Parameters

    Model Selected

    The model of filling machine is decided by the maximum filling volume of clients.

    Operating Principal

    The seesaw motion of cylinder drives the piston do reciprocating motion and generates negative pressure.

    When the cylinder moves forward, the piston moves backwards. The material jar generates negative pressure. The material of charging basket is pressed into the feed pipe by atmospheric pressure.

    When the cylinder moves backwards, the piston moves forward. The material enters into discharging pipe by non-return valve.

    Finally, the material enters into the empty bottles.(The filling head is closed when feeding materials and open when discharging materials.)

    Piston filling machine adopts simple and mechanical motion. So it has high filling accuracy and stability in aspect of filling regular container.


    1. controlled by compressed air, high security.

    2. no static, no shocking by electricity, no ground connection

    3. It adopts pneumatic control, hard location. So it has high filling accuracy, which

    can be controlled within 0.3%.(take the maximum filling volume for reference)

    4. When it needs to be stopped, just close the pneumatic switch.

    Range of Application

    Water Honey Yogurt

    Juice Bath cream Gear oil

    Liquid coffee Ink Eye shadow fluid

    Tea Shampoo Glue

    Food/pigment Sanitizer Vanishing cream

    Milk Liquid soap Cream

    Syrup Cooking oil

    Service Conditions:

    Air pressure:5kgcm2--8kg/cm2


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