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MIC Filling Sealing Machine
  • MIC Filling Sealing Machine
MIC Filling Sealing Machine

MIC Filling Sealing Machine

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  • Features & Parameters

    a)How to get the machine running?

    1. Connect the machine with gas.

    2. Make sure the gas switch is open.

    b) How to adjust to the filling volume I want?

    c) How do I know the filling volume is what I need? By weighing it.

    1. You weigh the empty container

    2. You put the container under the nozzle to fill

    3. Weigh the filled container and see the quantity

    d) How do I adjust the filling speed?

    Remarks: speed up the sucking if the filling material is too thick to suck; reduce releasing speed when the material splash

    e)Introduction of the rest parts

    1. Press emergency stop button when you need to stop the machine in the middle of filling

    2. Pull it out for manual filling, and push it in for automatic filling

    3. Foot switch is used when it is semi-automatic filling mode.

    Press one time and filling one time 


Jun 05, 2019

May 16, 2019

May 09, 2019
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