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QXC01 Washing Machine
  • QXC01 Washing Machine
  • QXC01 Washing Machine
  • QXC01 Washing Machine
QXC01 Washing Machine QXC01 Washing Machine QXC01 Washing Machine

QXC01 Washing Machine

    QXC01 washing machine is also called can washer. It is the specialized equipment for aluminum can production line. It is used to clean cans. The equipment is fully automatic, which means cans are put in, cleaned, dried and unloaded automatically.

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    Cans after extrusion are immersed in the hot cleaning fluid where cans are cleaned, rinsed and press-and-blowed in five cleaning tanks. After one strong washing and cleaning, and three rinsing, cans go out of the tanks. Finally, the aluminum cans are turned from horizontal to vertical, and sent into the drying oven at the top of the cleaning tank. The cycled hot air completely dries cans. The machine can work alone or operate with other machines.

    A. Can diameter range: φ35mm-φ66mm,

    B. Can length range: ≤260mm

    C. Production speed: 100-120cans/min

    D. Motor power: 5.5KW+1.5KW

    E. Heating power: 75KW+18KW

    F. Dimensions: 6300×2946×3850mm

    G. Net weight: 8000KG

    H. Drying temperature: 150℃~200℃

    I. Washing time: 3.5mins

    J. Drying time: 3.8mins

    K. Length of chain: 16A(78m)

    L. Total power: 5.5+1.5+18+75=100KW

    M. Link distance: 25.4*3=76.2mm

    A. The water tank and frame of the machine adopt stainless steel of strong corrosion resistance. The temperature can be regulated according to washing effect.

    B. The wind cycling machine transfers the air to the working area for heating cycling. The internal temperature is controlled by temperature controller and can be set freely according to seasons and temperature change.

    C. The machine has proximity switch system. If the chain is overloaded, the machine would stop automatically. The text display can show the location of the fault point.


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