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Aluminum Tubes Line

Aluminum soft tubes line is also called aluminum collapsible tubes line or aluminum tube production line. It is mainly used to produce various aluminum collapsible tubes, small aluminum barrel or cans. The line is applied to filling products like ointment, artistic pigment, cosmetics, sealant, toothpaste, shoe polish, AB glue, hair dye, tomato sauce, chocolate sauce, instant adhesive, pen or marker barrel, cigar, etc.

The aluminum tubes lines produced by our company are fully automatic. Each equipment of the series can work alone or form full or partial. The main machines include Extrusion press, Trimmer, Annealing oven, Internal lacquering machine, Lacquer curing oven, Base-coating machine,4/5/6 colors printing machine, Drying oven, Capping machine and Latexing machine.

All aluminum tubes machine of the series is advanced in technology, of high quality, easy for maintenance, highly automated and much economical. Most devices adopt SIEMENS PLC to change frequency and speed. All ovens employ FUJI Temperature Controller to automatically control the working temperature. All the products can be passed automatically through the production line. The text displayer can show the instant information of speed and production at the stations of internal lacquering, printing and capping, which is convenient for management.

    Main Technical Parameters
  • Production speed: ≤60pieces/min
  • Diameter: φ11mm-φ22mm or φ25mm-φ35mm
  • Motor power: 108KW or 135KW
  • Dimensions: 24000×3500×4200mm
  • Intake pressure:
  • Gas consumption:


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