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Toothpaste Line

Our company is one of the oldest manufacturer of machines to fill and pack toothpaste and other semi liquid substances. After several years’ research and development, we developed an integrated series of equipment to toothpaste filling line, which includes colors toothpaste filling machine.

The main equipment for fully automatic toothpaste production includes GZ series fully automatic filling and sealing machine, BZ series automatic boxing machine, RS series heat shrinkable film packaging machine.

The toothpaste machine can also be used to produce toothpaste, shoe polish, cosmetics, tomato sauce, mustard sauce, etc.

Our company’s toothpaste production line is neatly formed and advance in function, has the features of strictly selecting material, easy operation and high safety and reliability. Each equipment of the line can work alone or form a fully automatic production line by working with other machines.

We have three sets of paste producing machine: 800L model, 1000L model and 1300L model. Machines of GZ series include GZ05fully automatic filling and sealing machine, GZ05 fully automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine, GZ05B 2-color filling and sealing machine, GZ05C 3-color filling and sealing machine and GZ06 high speed filling and sealing machine. Machines of BZ series include BZ01-1 automatic paper folding and boxing machine and BZ02 automatic boxing machine. Machines of RS series include RS02 heat shrinkable film packaging machine.

All equipment in our company is stable, reliable and with low malfunction rate. It is particularly suitable for companies to carry out mass production such as toothpaste production. Our machines adopt automatic inspection system and metering equipment with high measure precision. All devices employ SIEMENS PLC to ensure stability. The color touch screen can clearly display the main production information, which is convenient for management.

    Main technical parameters
  • Diameter: φ22mm- φ38mm
  • Production speed: ≤120 or 160pieces/min
  • Filling and sealing precision: ≤± 0.5%
  • Dimensions: 110*22*22- 220*53*45mm
  • Dimensions of box: 380V/50Hz
    Main Configuration List
  • Touch screen: Pro-face
  • Pneumatic element: FESTO
  • Terminal display: SIEMENS
  • Approach switch: BANNER
  • Photo switch: TURCK
  • Divider: TANTZU
  • Electrical component: SCHNEIDER or OMRON


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